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Why Link before you Think?


No one should question that success in M&A is about making the optimal deal. 


It isn't just a dream - the best partner does exist.  Some advisers don't believe in the optimal deal, even though it is out there by definition.  Unlike other advisers, we deploy a methodology where every element is reverse-engineered to achieve the optimal deal.  This involves an entirely different modus operandi for acquirers and owners, but in each case leading to delivering the optimal deal.

Our methodologies are rich and fall into two stages: thinking, then linking, hence the name of our firm.  

ThinkingLinking is firm specialised in deploying M&A methodology.  This site is focused on the services we provide to acquirers and owners in the natural ingredients, nutraceuticals, life sciences, cosmetics, cosmeceuticals, and cosmetics ingredients spaces.

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