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At the core of our pursuit of the optimal transaction for clients is the belief that it cannot be achieved without ‘thinking before linking’.  At a minimum, we can say that the only way to achieve the optimal deal without first engaging in rigorous thinking would be to have a lot of luck!  We prefer to think.

Methodology runs through everything we do in the ‘Thinking’ and ‘Linking’ phases of M&A.


There's no point trying to find the optimal partner until we have clearly understood what this means in practice for a particular client based on its specific situation, resources and objectives.  Once optimal has been understood, challenged and defined with precise thinking, we plan the search for candidates, how they will be scored and persuaded to open up.


Of course, ‘Thinking’ doesn't stop when ‘Linking’ begins.  But, with an accurate roadmap in place, ‘Linking’ goes forward with clear direction, constantly supported with strategic thought.

Linking is about the techniques we use to reduce a large funnel of relevant opportunities to find the best partner on the best terms.  These range from financial, strategic and cultural fit analysis to relationship-building before negotiating a deal through to completion.  The importance of the funnel of opportunities is to ensure that our client has ‘power of choice’ and ‘negotiating power’ to ensure the eventual deal is the optimal one.

The entire process of from start to finish is orchestrated as part of a step-by-step methodology that connects the tools we use to the critical deliverables needed to achieve the optimal deal.  We call the relationship between the tools and the deliverables, the ‘Optimal Deal Ecosystem’ for acquirers and owners.

These services are intentionally different for each type of client because we unequivocally practice ‘advocacy M&A’, in the sense that for acquirer clients our duty is to use tools to find the best companies at a reasonable cost, and for owners we sell their businesses for the highest prices.

ThinkingLinking practices the ‘science of M&A’.  If you want the optimal transaction, methodology is the only way to win.

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