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Not Cosmetic - Top 20 players in the global beauty industry

We investigated 52 transactions worth over €16 billion made by the Top 20 global cosmetics groups in the past five years.  The research reveals the motives and trends behind the surge in the acquisition of indie brands.

We found that acquisitions are about substance (ingredients with scientific basis for efficacy, with track-and-trace conditions, ethical and ecological provenance) and not about brand value which has been the traditional motive for deals in the sector for decades. This new lack of ‘superficiality’ gave us the idea to call the report ‘Not Cosmetic’.  The M&A trend ties in with the consumer trend of online and traditional customers insisting not just on one of these new attributes but sometimes requiring a product that ticks many boxes.

Alchemists go shopping - Cosmetic ingredients M&A

We investigated 50 transactions worth over €2 billion in the cosmetic ingredients industry, made by 45 buyers from 16 countries, and looked at the horizontal and vertical integration trends and synergies that the acquirers were seeking.  The research shows this sector is ripe for continued M&A activity.

Press coverage of the report
5 Apr 2017   BeautyMatter

PART 1: Cosmetic ingredient market consolidation


7 Apr 2017   BeautyMatter

PART 2: Cosmetic ingredient market consolidation

6 Apr 2017   MarketWatch

How small cosmetics companies are changing the face of beauty

4 Apr 2017   Premium Beauty News-English

Consolidation among cosmetic ingredients producers to continue

4 Apr 2017   Premium Beauty News-French

La concentration du secteur des ingrédients cosmétiques devrait se poursuivre

Pharma Hunters - Chinese Life Sciences acquirers

This report by our China team shows the focus of Chinese acquirers in the Life Sciences sector, covering biotech, diagnostics, medtech and pharma.  We investigated 308 outbound Life Sciences transactions by Chinese ‘hunters’ valued at $20 billion and concluded that we should add to the expression ‘Farmer or Hunter?’ a new expression – ‘Pharma Hunter’.

Natural Ingredients Directory - Natural ingredients opportunities

NID book cover.png

This is the first directory to be published of Natural Ingredients M&A opportunities.  We classify 1,129 opportunities in Europe, the US and rest of the world according to a five-dimensional way of matching them with an acquirer’s M&A criteria.  The opportunities include some of the most efficacious, scientifically-based ingredients covering all verticals:  pharma, nutraceuticals, food & beverages, cosmetics and animal feed.

ThinkingLinking continues to pioneer research in the natural ingredients sector.  Here, we ‘map out’ the sector by showing – with multi-dimensional pictorials – the relationship between the origins, processes, vertical markets and health claims for each ingredient type.  All links in the research are backed up by one or more commercial ingredient, making the links not theoretical but representative of the state of the natural ingredients sector as it is today including the latest new product additions.

Ingredients diagram_edited.jpg

ThinkingLinking has developed a five-dimensional taxonomy to plot any natural ingredient according to these classifications:  ingredient type, origin, process, vertical market and, where applicable, health benefits.  This allows an ingredient product or company to be seen clearly in a 360-degree way that is consistent for comparison or for matching in M&A or other purposes.

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