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Welcome to ThinkingLinking’s opportunities clearinghouse for natural ingredients!


The power of the database

In total, 456 companies included in the database were put through the classification process. In cases where a company has a vast number of products, we selected their flagship or bestselling products for analysis. In cases where products were similar and would yield an identical 5D-picture, we classified the product group as one, since the information would be the same for strategic matching purposes. This process resulted in 881 classified products for potential partner linking. Since a given product can have multiple vertical markets and multiple health benefits, the database in fact has a total of 1,129 specific ‘opportunities’ when these additional vertical market relevancies are considered and 886 when the multiple health benefits are considered.

The resulting classified database allows a large number of opportunities to be quickly checked for their match with the 5D-criteria of any partner or acquirer, whether they are looking for M&A, licensing or other forms of alliance or joint venture.

For a 5D-match to point to the potential for a win-win transaction between the parties, it must qualify against the criteria of both. To this end, the 5D-approach can be applied from both sides.

In practical terms, our database is focused on products of privately-held companies since they are generally more accessible for linking through acquisition or investment, and are frequently also actively looking out for other types of partnering such as JVs, outlicensing or other alliances. Confidentiality of companies included in the directory is enhanced by the use of reference numbers, so that, the information on each opportunity is focused on its five dimension and sub-dimension profile.

It is our experience that a huge amount of time is wasted by companies in the early stages of partner search due to sporadic research and resulting inefficient outreach to the wrong partners. Until now, there has not been a way to instantly identify all counter-parties’ products in the market against a particular acquirer’s multi-dimensional needs. This tool allows one’s time to be focused on exploring more deeply only the 5D-relevant opportunities – time that could better be spent on the more useful stages of scientific due diligence, market opportunity and the commercial terms of a potential transaction. This is how ThinkingLinking is taking advantage of the tool to link companies within its large database of industry relationship: win-win transactions based on optimal synergy rather than who we happen to meet at the last expo!

Example of a 5D-search shows 56 targets in the world

​From a starting point of 1,129 opportunities

NID Example search.png

source: ThinkingLinking Natural Ingredients Database

Overview of the opportunities

Ingredients types & groupings

Ingredient chart.jpeg

source: ThinkingLinking Natural Ingredients Database

Origins & Sub-origins

Origin chart.jpeg

source: ThinkingLinking Natural Ingredients Database


Vertical markets

Vertical markets.png
Vertical markets_edited.jpg

Health Benefits

Health benefits.jpeg

source: ThinkingLinking Natural Ingredients Database

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