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BioLinking uses a methodology-intensive and strategy-based approach to deliver transactions with the optimal partner to clients.


For CROs and other service clients, our M&A focus is on linking companies based on strong strategy fit, usually by looking at the fit in terms of gap, strengths and logical matches in four dimensions:  geography, therapeutic categories, activity focus, life sciences sub-sector focus.  Often, the greatest value is created by the transaction which matches up the largest number of such strengths and gaps between the two companies.


For early-stage pharma and biotech clients, we use a combination of strategy and methodology to identify the most likely investors and present the client in the most compelling, clear way to bring in funds with minimal dilution.


The transactions are concentrated in European, US markets and the key emerging markets.  Acquirers and investors are generally from the EU, the US and emerging markets.  

Our out-licensing teams provide the additional service of out-licensing to emerging markets especially China, based on a methodological and strategic way.

 We are the life sciences division of ThinkingLinking

Our areas of focus

•  €5 - 15 million life sciences transactions
•  Early-to-mid-stage fundraising
•  CRO geographical or specialisation alliances
•  China market entry roadmap / out-licensing to emerging markets


Pharma Hunters - Chinese Life Sciences acquirers

Our China team publishes this report on outbound investment. It shows the focus of Chinese acquirers in the Life Sciences sector, covering biotech, diagnostics, medtech and pharma.  We investigated 308 outbound Life Sciences transactions by Chinese ‘hunters’ valued at $20 billion and concluded that we should add to the expression ‘Farmer or Hunter?’ a new expression – ‘Pharma Hunter’.

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