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Articles by our Chief Thinking Officer

08 Mar 2022 The Irish World
The Chess Game of History – Autocracy vs. Democracy

15 Sept 2016   Nouvel Observateur

Liberté, Inégalité, Anarchie

8 Apr 2019   Die Presse

The Brexit Blind Spot

27 Nov 2015   Shanghai Daily

Me, my selfie and I: A visitor’s view of city

24 May 2018   Fortune

GDPR Should Have Made Cookies Toast

30 Mar 2018   San Francisco Chronicle

Big Sister is watching you: Facebook legally manipulates how we vote

17 Aug 2009   New York Times

Chinese accounting tricks: Tunneling to true profit in China

9 Jul 2017   South China Morning Post

President Xi's 'China World Cup Plan'

Recent articles on ThinkingLinking

23 Feb 2024   Nutritional outlook

Stratum Nutrition acquires novel sage ingredient from Sibelius Natural Products

7 Apr 2017   BeautyMatter

PART 2: Cosmetic ingredient market consolidation

5 Apr 2017   BeautyMatter

PART 1: Cosmetic ingredient market consolidation

6 Apr 2017   MarketWatch

How small cosmetics companies are changing the face of beauty

4 Apr 2017   Premium Beauty News-English

Consolidation among cosmetic ingredients producers to continue

4 Apr 2017   Premium Beauty News-French

La concentration du secteur des ingrédients cosmétiques devrait se poursuivre

Recent articles on ThinkingLinking China

15 June 2017  Shanghai Daily

China wins the Cup of mergers and acquisitions

14 June 2017  South China Morning Post​

Xi Jinping’s fandom helps fuel China’s world-beating splurge on soccer M&A

14 June 2017  China Daily

China is the world's biggest investor in soccer clubs


13 June 2017  The Street

China Wins the World Cup of Soccer Spending

13 June 2017  Game of the People

Fierce ambition puts China at the top of the league

12 June 2017  Inside World Football

China wins the World Cup of acquisitions with €2.1bn buying spree

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