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The 3 graces

At ThinkingLinking, three disciplines run through our process. 


The ThinkingLinking edge is in providing clients with an advantage not only in securing the optimal transaction in the competitive marketplace but – before that – in knowing what 'optimal' is before diving into the market in pursuit of it.


We therefore add thinking before linking in the process.  Simple as it seems, it is not the traditional process of M&A firms to engage in rigorous thinking before the M&A process begins.  We believe with such an approach an optimal transaction could only otherwise be achieved with a lot of luck.


For buyers arbitrage can mean acquiring in a key market which offers particular synergy to the buyer’s business; or we acquire a company for less than its value to the buyer.

For sellers we often identify buyers from a foreign market or different sector which has a strategic imperative to enter our client’s market; and/or where valuations they are willing to pay are higher.



A solid methodology also shadows the whole M&A process to give our client advantage at every turn. 

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